"A is for Architecture" by Erik Heuler is an architecture children's book that is a great way to introduce children to architecture and start the conversation on being aware of, and having an appreciation for, the built environment. Although written as a children's book, it is suitable for those of any age and is sure to fit in with the most sophisticated of architectural libraries. Each of the books twenty-six hand drawn illustrations is accompanied by an architectural term that takes the reader through the alphabet in a fun read that is pleasant and instructive.

Readers are sure to recognize many of the buildings including among the images. Drawings include those of the New York skyline, Eiffel Tower, Roman Colossuem, and buildings by some of the world's most notable architects, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Michelangelo, Le Corbusier, and Andrea Palladio. While these many famous buildings and architects featured in "A is for Architecture" are sure to start conversations and peek an interest in architecture, other drawings of some lesser known, but still important, buildings and architects invite the reader to explore further. Perfect for the architect parent introducing their children to what they know and love, but appropriate for those with any level of knowledge or interest in architecture. A quick read that is sure to entertain and educate.

Independently published, "A is for Architecture" is Erik's debut publication. He has described the book to friends as "an Edward Gorey inspired architecture book, a great way to increase peoples exposure, knowledge and appreciation for architecture."

"A is for Architecture" is currently available, in its paperback form, online through lulu.com, and amazon.com

Below are some sample pages