Long Island Music Hall of Fame, Port Jefferson, NY
Architect:  Peter Caradonna Architecture and Planning
Role:  Design Development, Presentation Drawings


The Long Island Music Hall of Fame (LIMHOF) was formed in 2005 as a 501(c)(3) non-for-profit membership organization dedicated to the idea that Long Island's musical heritage is an important resource to be clebrated and preserved for future generations.  It has a mission to "inspire, in each person, the desire to explore and celebrate music in all its forms" and to create "a place where the music community will find the support, resources and leadership necessary to aid them in that exploration" and faciliate "an envrionment to inspire, entertain, educate, and engage each person in the creative process."  Peter Caradonna Architects (PCA) is currently working with LIMHOF to help them achieve this mission.

Since its inception the founding members of LIMHOF have been searching for the perfect location for a museum and education center.  PCA has been working with them for a number of years evaluating different locations thoughout Long Island, considering the needs of the organization, its mission, and the Long Island music community.  LIMHOF finally located a building in the heart of downtown Port Jefferson that seems to fit them perfectly.  The building, owned by the Town of Brookhaven, is actually two buildings combined, a two-story former bank building, recently placed on the register of Historic Places, and a single-story tax assessor's office, the two were joined by the town to serve as an enlarged tax assessor's office.

PCA has been working with LIMHOF to develop a program and proposal for building alterations, keeping in mind the famous quote attributed to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe that architecture is "frozen music."  With this in mind the current design includes the restoration of the existing  historic, bank building and the construction of a new two-story addition in place of the existing single-story tax assessor's office.  The new spaces will incorporate space for permanent and special exhibits, including memorabilia from some of the halls inductees; archives of video and audio recordings; an intimate performance space to be used for presentations, workshops and special performances; a music and art learning center providing an interactive space with activities for children of all ages; and a multi-media center where visitors can discover Long Island's musical heritage while creating some music of their own.  Additionally there are plans of incorporating a fully functioning radio station for special broadcasts from some local radio stations.  

As the design is developing PCA is being sure to incorporate all of the needs of LIMHOF while serving the community and being environmentally responsible.  The proposed design is intended to be LEED certified with the use of new, high efficient mechanical equipment and lighting, improvements to the building envelope, and an abundance of natural light, being introduced extensively through the "bridge" a double height, sky-lit, volume where the historic building and new addition meet.  Once open the Long Island Music hall of Fame is sure to be a must see destination for music lovers across Long Island and around the world. 

Image:  Proposed Design
Multi-Media Area

Looking up at the "bridge"

Looking across the "bridge" toward the performance space

View from performance space towards the "bridge"