Project:  Stony Brook Southampton Campus Student Center, Southampton, NY
Architect:  Peter Caradonna Architecture and Planning
Role:  Presentation Drawings


The Stony Brook Southampton mission affirms that “student life and learning are interconnected and connected by common purpose”; the built environment is an integral component for the school’s comprehensive approach to environmental sustainability, public policy, and natural resource management. This allows the students, faculty and operational support to foster the growth of the Southampton campus within the context of both the local and the greater global community and landscape.

Although physically located on the northern portion of the Southampton site, logistically, the existing student center constitutes the center of campus; the majority of roads and walkways converge upon or  around the building.  The two-story, 10,000 square foot addition will increase the existing student center footprint by approximately one third.  The new facilities will seamlessly coalesce with the eastern wing of the  building while being designed to achieve a minimum LEED Silver certification rating.  Proper solar orientation will be maximized to allow for effective passive solar design strategies. By harnessing free energy, reducing demand, increasing efficiency, improving operations, and then implementing renewable technologies, an integrated design can reduce energy use and the carbon footprint.  The addition will integrate  seamlessly with the existing student center and the surrounding landscape while preserving the scenic views of the surrounding campus and community. 

An integrated design, both within the proposed building and in relation to the adjacent student center, is fundamental to develop a project that is functional, energy efficient, effectively maintained, environmentally friendly and cohesive with the Stony Brook Southampton campus and master plan. In addition, the goal is to create an environment for the students, faculty and operational staff that is safe, healthy and productive.

Image above:  Schematic elevation showing proposed uses

Schematic Site Plan

Schematic Plan Showing Solar Exposure