Commercial:  V. Wagner Funeral HomeHicksville, NY
Architect:  Peter Caradonna Architecture & Planning
Role:  Construction Documents and Construction Administration


This existing funeral home suffered from an inefficient use of space that resulted from unnecessary clutter and created areas that were inappropriate for staff or visitors.  One primary goal of the interior renovations was to address these issues and form a more defined boundary between public and private spaces. 

A grand meeting room was shaped out of a formerly undefined area that had been used for both client consultations and office work.  Permanent work stations were introduced in the lower level which provided more convenient access to file storage and gave some employees their own space for the first time.   The need for new ADA compliant bathrooms necessitated the elimination of a poorly configured family room, this was balanced with the renovation of an existing lounge and children's play room on the lower level.  The remaining portion of the old family room was brought into the private space and used for staging before and after services, a much needed space in this very busy funeral home.  

These spatial changes as well as aesthetic updates, including paint, carpet, and trim, throughout the funeral home while it was completely operational required careful scheduling to minimize disturbance of the staff and mourning families.  The end result is a funeral home that is more presentable and functional to both the staff and the community at large. 

Above:  Family Room

Family Room

Center Hall
Lower Level Lounge