Riverside Nassau North Chapels Funeral Home, Great Neck, NY
Architect:  Peter Caradonna Architecture and Planning
Role:  Design, Construction Documents and Construction Administration


The Riverside Nassau Chapel Funeral Home in Great Neck Plaza is one of many projects completed for Dignity Memorial, North America's largest funeral service provider.  The Great Neck Plaza location was riddled with issues due to deferred maintenance, an outdated aesthetic, and some challenging site issues  including a zero lot line with one of its neighbors.  This multi phase renovation was intent on addressing these issues within a tight budget and while the location remained open for services.

Phase one of the project included interior renovations to update the existing facility, provide additional space for staff, and address some areas of disrepair.   Custom wood work was installed throughout the building to bring the aesthetic in line with other Dignity locations throughout Long Island.  Ornamental wainscoting was included as was replacement ceiling tiles.  All the bathrooms were also updated with new finishes, lighting and fixtures.  

Construction administration during phase one was a challenge since the location remained operational.  Careful coordination and scheduling was necessary to minimize disturbance of the staff and mourning families while during construction.  With project restrictions taken into consideration, an effort was made to chose finishes and fixtures that contribute to lower energy use and better air quality wherever possible throughout the project.

Phase two of the project focused on issues due to disrepair and water issues to the building envelope, much of it below grade.  Water issues were mainly focused on the building's East side where it has a zero lot line with a neighboring hotel.  Working with Environmental Engineers we developed details to deal with stormwater that was previously making its way into the building.  With roof runoff being directed to the rear yard and new pavement details designed to direct water away from the building and into new drainage structures water issues are now being addressed. 

The final phase of the project brought us back inside to address additional areas within the building that had been damaged by infiltrating stormwater.  With these issues addressed the end result is a funeral home that is more presentable and functional to both the staff and the community at large. 

Image:  Main Hall looking toward Entry
Main Chapel

Ceiling of Main Chapel

Renovated Restroom

New Main Stair