Residential:  Private Residence, Setauket, NY
Architect:  Peter Caradonna Architecture and Planning
Role:  Design and Construction Documents


Work to this private residence included the reconstruction of the existing garage and the expansion of an existing breezeway into a new family room with a full basement.  In order to minimize its environmental impact the roof of the new addition produces both electricity and hot water.  The innovative use of existing technology allows the same roof area to be used for both solar thermal and solar electric generation.  This unique system incorporates PEX tubing under the standing seam metal roofing which acts as the solar thermal system.  Between the standing seams of the roof a solar laminate is applied which generates a portion of the homes electricity needs, allowing the same roof space to serve multiple purposes while demonstrating the use of non-obtrusive solar technology within a historic district, the first time in this area.  

This house has been featured on the Renewable Energy Long Island Solar (RELI) House Tour, see the RELI website here, for more information. 
Addition to existing home
Detail of solar installation