Residential:  Private Residence, Southold, NY
Architect:  Peter Caradonna Architecture and Planning
Role:  Design Development and Construction Documents


A private residence in the Town of Southold includes a new addition and the conversion of an existing cottage into a new living space that will more than double the homes size. In addition to increasing the amount of living space, the design will redirect the homes view out to the water and provide a water view roof deck for the master bedroom on the second floor.  

Converting the existing cottage into the new living room will include the removal of a corner of the building to comply with a NYSDEC request in order to minimize impact to the adjacent wetlands. The existing framing of the cottage will remain and is to be insulate using spray foam insulation in order to provide an optimum R value in the existing walls. 

The two story addition will be constructed of Structurally Insulated Panels (S.I.P.) that will provide a highly insulated building envelope and allow for quick installation of exterior walls.  While the majority of windows are located on the East side of the house, in order to direct views out to the water, and in contradiction of passive solar strategy, daylight is allowed to penetrate deep into the spaces due to the shallow floor plate and relatively small size of the house.  While solar systems are not to be planned on being installed currently the South facing roof is designed for their future addition.

South Elevation

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan