Private Residence, Stony Brook, NY 
Architect:  Peter Caradonna Architecture and Planning
Role:  Construction Documents and Construction Administration


This historic house in Stony Brook NY is owned by two professors at the local University with a love of cooking and entertaining guests.  Unfortunately the homes space was not matched by its charm, which is clearly abundant upon entering the house.  Original wide plank flooring and plaster walls is complemented by the period decor. 

In order to make the house more functional for the owners needs a modest 100 square foot addition was added to the rear of the house adjacent to the existing kitchen.  As the home is located in the local Historic District strict guidelines needed to be followed to ensure the new addition matched the character of the existing home and surrounding neighborhood.  The final result not only enlarged the existing kitchen but also incorporated a new first story bathroom and opened the space to the rear yard, permitting ample daylight to enter the space.

During excavation for the foundation of the new addition an abandoned brick cistern was discovered.  Due to its location, size, and robustness the decision was made not to demolish it.  Instead the cistern was repaired and incorporated into the existing basement as a new wine cellar, a great amenity for people who love to entertain. 

Image:  Front Facade
Rear Facade

Renovated Kitchen